YouTube is up and running after being down for several minutes

YouTube is back to functioning efficiently again after being down in the early hours of Friday. At almost 6 AM, users in India faced issues in watching YouTube videos.

YoutTube users in India faced issues in streaming as the system crashed sometime around 6 AM on friday. Actually, the service was down for numerous users around the globe. 

As claimed by Downdetector, YouTube was experiencing problems in Japan, the USA, Europe, India, and in parts of Australia. 

There is no official cause given for the breakdown and YouTube has not published a press statement. But the breakdown was real.

Every single streaming platform, may it be Netflix or even Amazon Prime Video, all of them have witnessed a sharp rise in traffic owing to the global pandemic. Youtube seems to be no exemption. 

Concerning India, YouTube has declared that it would decrease the maximum streaming quality to just 480p. 

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