TV news channels and social media are not controlled by the Press Council

The Press Council of India (PCI) states that “Electronic media, TV news channels, Social Media mediums like Whatsapp/ Facebook/ Twitter do not come under the jurisdiction of the Press Council of India” 

Section 14 of the Press Council Act 1978, “empowers the Council to warn, admonish or censure the newspaper, the news agency, the editor or the journalist concerned or disapprove the conduct of the editor or the journalist if it finds that a newspaper or a news agency has offended against the standards of journalistic ethics or public taste or that an editor or a working journalist has committed any professional misconduct, on the receipt of complaint or otherwise.”

The statement further says that “Complaints against and by the print media are adjudicated by the Council by adhering to the Press Council (Procedure for Inquiry) Regulations, 1979,”.

The Press Council of India is a statutory, quasi-judicial authority structured by an Act of the Parliament. The PCI functions under the Press Council Act, 1978 & Section 14 of the Press Council Act,1978.

Owing to the ongoing global distress caused by COVID-19, the media industry is dealing with a lot of uncertainty, which is why many news organizations are asking their staff members to resign, take salary-cut or even take indefinite leave without pay. This is despite the government asking the employers to not reduce the salary during the nationwide lockdown, not to cease them but allow members to work from home.

Concerning the news of layoffs in various famous media companies, a lot of journalists took on their social media handles and requested PCI to investigate this matter and make sure that no one is released from their job due to nationwide lockdown.  

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