Trade Shows Won’t Be Dead Any Sooner – Experts Believe

In the wake of the current schedules of the trade shows and other dates in various industries, questions are on the rise whether we really need such events where so many people will be face to face. Experts have different opinions, some are nodding yes and others are hopeful that trade shows won’t be dead even after the corona outbreak.

One of the major trade show organizers and promoters Informa has rescheduled two major trade shows: Expo West and SupplySide East. A CBD event by the American Herbal Products Association will be postponed that had been planned at Portland in April or the NoCo Hemp Expo which invited more than 10,000 visitors to a hotel in Denver, CO in 2019, has been postponed in August.

Alternatives to the trade shows?

These postponements of the trade shows are increasing the workarounds where brands are trying to recover their investments in participation as much as possible. The Expo West has seen many attendees invested in flights, meals, and accommodation.

Although workarounds are a common big reason for virtual trade shows or online meetups, Well, many trade shows face such canceling due to one or other reasons this has been seen more due to the pandemic crisis. Will this situation convince business owners that there won’t be a necessity of trade shows as 2020 has been so costly?

Paul Jarrett, CEO, and Co-Founder of BuluBox says, Don’t bet on it. BuluBox is a subscription box service which has helped brands test promote their products in front of various kinds of audience. Jerrett suggests the service has seen realistic growth since 2012 and its the next generation of product sampling and promotion.

With BuluBox, Jarrett and Stephanie Jarrett his spouse and the co-founder are in touch with many startup brands who need their business model directly online and stay there. With success, the strategy can be cost-friendly entry to the industry and accelerated sales growth with better margins.

Online sales is the future

Jarrett sees e-commerce will grow faster than the physical shops, so the future is definitely different than what we see. A brick and mortar store will need to have something very different to survive. The future is not far where we will see around 40% of sales online.


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