Tornadoes kill 24 in Tennessee and destroyed Buildings in Nashville Area

Tornadoes shook central Tennessee this Tuesday, with the severe damage centered in and nearby Nashville. The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency mentioned that a minimum of 24 people were killed in and around 4 counties and there might be a chance that the death toll might rise as primary investigators are still searching for victims.

The Authorities may declare emergency as the situations have worsened. Officers say that more than a dozen buildings across the counties have collapsed and around 48,000 Nashville Electric consumers are without power supply. More than 17,000 people in Wilson County and around 8,000 in Putnam, Cumberland, and Jackson counties are also in dark.

“It is a tragic day in our state. A sad day,” Tennessee Governor Bill Lee was at a news conference Tuesday afternoon. He reported 25 deaths initially, but, authorities reduced the number to 24, saying one of the initial cases was not storm-related.

“Over two-thirds of the length of Tennessee seems to have been damaged by storms last night,” The Director of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, Patrick Sheehan said in an interview with WBUR and NPR’s Here and Now.

He said firefighters, National Guardsmen, Law Enforcement and other first responders were checking for the damage in every structure in affected areas.

President Trump on Twitter this Tuesday: “The Federal Government is with you all of the ways during this difficult time.” While at the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference in Washington D.C. he mentioned, “Our hearts are full of sorrow for the lives that were lost.”

President Trump said he will be visiting the areas on Friday.

Governer Lee stated the deaths as “heartbreaking.”

“We have had a loss of life all across the state,” he said at a Tuesday morning news conference.

Most of the cases occurred in Putnam County with 18 deaths, according to authorities, Randy Porter, the Putnam County Mayor said that they have set a new facility for victims where 65 people are getting treated for their injuries.

Porter also told the reporters that a storm has sliced a way of about a quarter-mile where almost 100 structures are damaged and most of them are left with nothing.

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