TikTok announces that it will depart from Hong Kong market in a few days

China-based ByteDance owned the short-form video app has taken the decision to depart from the region as China’s establishment swings in a new national security law for the semi-autonomous city.


On Monday, a spokesperson told Reuters that ‘TikTok’ will walk out from the Hong Kong market in a few days, as other technology enterprises comprising of Facebook Inc have discontinued processing government demands for user data in the area.


China-based ByteDance, a short-form video app has made the decision to quit from the region as China’s institution is sweeping a brand new national security rule for the semi-autonomous city.


“In light of recent events, we’ve decided to stop operations of the TikTok app in Hong Kong,” a TikTok spokesperson told while replying to a Reuters question about its obligation to the market.


The business, now operated by Kevin Mayer, former Walt Disney Co executive, has stated in the past that the app’s user data is not retained in China.


TikTok has even stated formerly that it would not conform with any demands made by the Chinese government to suppress content or for access to TikTok’s relevant data, neither has it ever been questioned to do so.


Hong Kong area is a small, loss-making market for the enterprise, one source familiar with the matter told. In August 2019, TikTok revealed that it had captivated 150,000 customers in Hong Kong.


All around the globe, TikTok has been downloaded beyond 2 billion times via Apple and Google app stores following the first quarter in 2020, Sensor Tower, as per analytics company.


The source told that this move was taken as it was unclear if Hong Kong would now come completely under Beijing’s authority.


TikTok was designed so it could not be approached by mainland China. That was a section of a strategy to draw more attraction from an international audience.


ByteDance operates an equivalent short video sharing app known as Douyin in China.


Even though there are no plans to launch Douyin to the Hong Kong market, a ByteDance spokesperson told, the app already has a substantial viewers in the Asian financial centre as Chinese on the mainland travel and function in Hong Kong.

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