The Epic Games Store collapsed for a few hours and everybody tried to acquire GTA V for free

After beyond eight hours breakdown, the Epic Games Store is seen to finally be back online, meaning individuals are finally capable to claim Rockstar’s huge hit  Grand Theft Auto V for free of charge until 21 May. 

The Epic Games Store had been counting time to the release of an anonymous free title and learned last night that the game would be named as GTA V, thanks to the prior tweet posted via Epic Games’ official Twitter account. 

Nonetheless, when it was time for the deal to go live, the Epic Games Store crashed, probably as many people tried to restore the site in order to claim for the free title. The Epic Games Store recognized the outage and then tweeted telling that the store was still facing issues.  

The enormous traffic towards the store may have impacted other  Epic services as well, as an official Fortnite Twitter account stated Epic was “investigating issues” on PC and Mac and further added that there were problems on OS and Android software too. Epic’s Battle Breakers mobile game was also having problems during the day. But, according to Epic’s status page, both Battle Breakers and Fortnite are now fully functioning again.

Epic is allowing individuals to claim the Premium Edition of GTA V, inclusive of  “the complete GTA V story, Grand Theft Auto Online and all existing gameplay upgrades and content,” as claimed by the studio and the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, which provides with $1,000,000 bonus cash and additional content for GTA Online. 

Epic has traded off dozens of free titles since releasing its PC store in December 2018, and the firm stated in January that they intend to continue with the give away free games throughout 2020.

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