Technology Businesses to get free membership as support from Technology Connected

In the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, Wales’ leading network Technology Connected has launched a new membership initiative and for the very first time, they will be giving free access to benefits, initiatives and support for technology businesses.

Previously known as EST net, Technology Connected of Wales’ has been representing, championing and promoting Welsh technology for more than twenty years now which makes it the most established network of technology businesses. 

Amidst this tough global pandemic time, all the technology businesses can gain access to the firm’s benefits and support as they will be providing a special free membership tier for three months. 

This new offer will be launched along with a programme that will accentuate the firm’s support for pre-existing members of Technology Connected.  

The programme follows a sequence of moves by the firm to help assist the technology industry as given below:

The Linkedin group of Technology Connected provides the businesses with a platform to network and extend aid to help each other. Regular updates are also posted in this community with a view to signpost advice, inform about developments and provide opportunities for all the technology-based businesses in Wales. They are even introducing a brand new online group for technology businesses to extend support, insight and resources during this Corona outburst.

This platform will also provide its members with an opportunity to announce the news via the firm’s exclusive media partnership with Business News Wales. 

The programme will give out opportunities to members by rolling out trend surveys and reports which will encourage members connections with stakeholders. 

Also, online webinars and programmes will be introduced to connect all the members working in this industry throughout the period. 

Furthermore, their Next Generation programme will boost the connection between businesses and the talent of the future in cooperation with higher and further education.

The Technology Leadership Council will help in making sure if the technology industry gets the required support during and post-pandemic. This programme will support businesses of all sizes throughout and post the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses can find more information on the mentioned programme and become a member here.

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