Taylor Swift’s New Song Could Get a Nomination in Next Oscar

The second Academy Award for the Best Original Song category was bagged by Elton John for the tune“(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again,” which he made with Bernie Taupin for Rocketman. The track was popular since it collected the Golden Globe although, the nominees’ list was different in both the ceremonies.

Now John beat one of the artists who were at the Golden Globes but could be nominated in the next round of Oscars was Taylor Swift.

The new song by Taylor Swift – ‘Only the Young’ is now on the top of the charts all around the world and it may hit the new record for the artist. The track is presented in the artist’s Netflix documentary ‘Miss Americana’ which is a must-see by the fans.

Along with the availability on the streaming platform, Miss Americana was played in notable events for a very short period of time which makes it stand a chance to nominate for the next year’s Oscars. The documentary could be submitted for the ‘Best Documentary’ category in the next year. Taylor Swift now stands a chance to get nominated for her first-ever Academy award with this ‘Original Song’.

The original tune was specifically created for the documentary, according to the reports. The song rolls out just before the credits. According to the rules of eligibility, if the Best Original Song is anticipated, it should be ‘used in the body of the Motion Picture or in the end credits.’ It also should feature music and lyrics, and ‘Only the Young’ stands true for both the categories if you have watched the documentary.

While it’s normal for a documentary to get nominated for the Best Original Song in the academy awards, it’s not unheard of. ‘I need to Wake Up’ by Melissa Etheridge from ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ won in 2006, and cuts for important films like Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me, Chasing Ice, The Hunting Ground, and Racing Extinction have all made up to the trophy as well.

For the next few months, the eligibility for Next Year’s Academy Awards is open, but fans and critics are saying, Taylor Swift, will definitely submit her entry for her next track. as she is trying to win for a longer time for now. She is nominated for the Golden Globes for 4 times, and now the artist could be a possible winner for the Academy Awards.

It looks like ‘Only The Young’ won’t be the only one from Taylor Swift as she is planning to choose Lover Track ‘The Man’ as her next cut, but considering the performance, and how the Oscar race is going to be in 2020, she might spend some more times in live events to promote and increase her chances for the Academy Award.

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