SunHydrogen Renews and Expands Research Agreement with the University of Iowa

The Californian developer of hydrogen production technology SunHydrogen has reestablished and extended its sponsored research agreement with the University of Iowa for one more year.

The reestablishment will see an extensive increment in funding and staffing for SunHydrogen, assisting with the development of its nanotechnology-based hydrogen production development. 

With the extended research and development team, a focus will be on the improvement endeavors expected to speed up the commercialization of its game-changing nanoparticle technology approach to deal with sustainable hydrogen.

Tim Young, CEO of SunHydrogen, said, “The next twelve months will see exciting progress in the development of our technology. The renewal of the agreement and the significant increase in funding will accelerate that development.”

“As we have stated before, our partnership with the University of Iowa has been a key to our success to date. The work completed and the knowledge gained throughout years of association with the research team will allow us to accelerate out path to commercialization.”

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