Some Samsung Note 20 Ultra are not Supporting Google Pay

Google Pay isn’t performing on some Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra handsets consistent with reports. Users took to online forums to report the difficulty within the past few months. While it is not clear why Google’s payment app is failing on some Galaxy Note 20 Ultra phones, the matter doesn’t appear to be a universal one. The flagship phone from the South Korean tech giant was launched in August this year alongside the vanilla Galaxy Note 20, bundled with an S Pen stylus.


According to a report by Android Police, several users said that they were facing problems while trying to form NFC payments via Google Pay on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. As per troubled customers’ posts on Reddit and more forums, the app doesn’t work when an effort is formed to form an NFC payment. A red exclamation mark would crop up within the app, notifying error or failure.


While the matter arises while making payments, Google Pay appears to be working fine otherwise. Users reported that it is often set because the default payment provider on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and can also allow you to line up the app and add cards. However, when attempting to form a payment, Google Pay would simply not function.


The report also noted that the matter isn’t seen on a worldwide scale. it’s not restricted to some specific regions either. The phone was launched with two SoC variants – Exynos 990 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ – counting on the market. Both models are reported to face the Google Pay issue by users.


It is unclear why the matter arises or what is often an honest fix for the difficulty. consistent with Reddit user u/ApexPredation, the matter is often fixed by swapping the SIM to a second slot. Some users also reported that the difficulty has been fixed following an OTA update. However, that’s not the case with all users.

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