Samsung uses mmWave Technology to attain ‘Industry’s Fastest’ 5G Speed

On Tuesday, Samsung Electronics has announced that they have achieved “industry’s fastest” 5G  connectivity which will be enabling AR remote learning, 8K video streaming, and more. 

Samsung has affirmed that they have accomplished their aim of achieving 5G speeds in its tests. Based on the 5G equipment maker’s presentation, only 4.3Gbps speed could be attained each on two test digital phones, thus making for a sum total of 8.5Gbps by running on only one Samsung 5G Millimetre-wave (mmWave) Access Unit. In the demonstration, MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) technology on 800 MHz of mmWave spectrum inclusive of carrier aggregation was used. The brand clarified that the use of mmWave Spectrum is the fundamental change of 5G. 

The belt of the transmission frequencies between 30 GHz and 300 GHz in the electromagnetic spectrum is the mmWave spectrum. This spectrum assists in supplying top-speed wireless transmissions.  It is observed as a medium to lead 5G connectivity in delivering quick and top-grade multimedia content and services. The mmWave spectrum falls in the middle of infrared and microwave waves. 

The 5G mmWave spectrum is allocated by countries like South Korea, Japan, and the US. In the forthcoming years, numerous other countries are anticipated to join the 5G mmWave bandwagon.

Samsung stated that “The wide bandwidth from mmWave spectrum enables mobile operators to provide multi-gigabit speeds that lower band spectrums are unable to match.” Alongside multi-gigabit speeds, customers can enjoy life-changing 5G mobile services. Mobile operating companies will be capable of providing brand new and smart services like AR remote training, 8K video streaming, and comprehensive VR teleconferencing along with new possibilities that are still to be pictured. 

The company has managed to gain very significant speed but in a composed framework. Despite this, some even reveal the defects of mmWave technology. 

GSMArena addressed, “mmWave tech has proven extremely impressive in terms of speed and response times, but also very fickle in terms of range and connection stability, with objects as thin as a sheet of paper often enough to disrupt a mmWave connection,”. 

Samsung has accomplished this performance at the time when its competitor Huawei is facing heavy criticism by the US government. The US has been requesting various countries in the EU, the UK, Canada, and others to no longer use Huawei’s 5G equipment. 

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