‘Remove China Apps’ crosses 1 million downloads in just two weeks as the anti-China sentiment catches impetus

The existing border conflict between India and China has additionally aggravated the anti-China sense in India. Taking advantage of this, a new app called ‘Remove China Apps’ has amassed beyond 1 million downloads in just 2 weeks of time post-launch. 

Capitalising on the ongoing border conflicts between India and China, a brand new application known as ‘Remove China Apps’ has been launched and gained 1 million downloads in just 2 weeks time. This new application is available for free of charge on the Google Play Store and asserts that scan and enumerate the China installed apps on user’s cellphone. 

This app is developed by OneTouch AppLabs, this app has gained a rating of 4.8 out of 5, and has obtainedover 96,000 reviews, implying that there is a substantial organic impetus in its support.

This application does not need any permissions either, so users do not need to worry about obtaining access to personal information. 

The ongoing anti-China sense in India was pushed due to COVID19. Based on a survey conducted by the Takshashila Institution, about 67% of Indians hold China accountable for the global pandemic. 

This sense has been further accentuated the existing border conflicts between India and China. Considering that this is an extremely personal decision, it is an individual’s choice to retain and delete these applications. 

Nevertheless, it is said that any individual should not uninstall an app which they consider to be dependable and necessary.

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