Oxford vaccine offers ‘double protection’ against coronavirus, asserts reports

Presently, there are beyond 155 vaccine contenders to fight against coronavirus in various stages of trials and 23 contenders of these have entered Phase 3 of clinical tests which includes dosing thousands of subjects with the vaccine candidate to perceive if it produces an immune system responds or not.

In a desperate effort to restrain the spread of the infectious contagion, scientists and medical officials are competing for a race against time to produce a vaccine suitable for human use.

The vaccine contender made by Jenner Institute of Oxford University has hit the headlines in recent times, owing to the media reports and origins that assert that the vaccine contender has been victorious in its first trials. As a matter of fact, promising media reports considering the victory of the Oxford vaccine candidate in its initial trials have been making news since Wednesday.

Nevertheless, this brand new portion of the progress which has given hopes is the reports that the AstraZeneca-supported vaccine contender could perhaps provide ‘double protection’ against the very infectious coronavirus.

According to the media reports in the UK, the vaccine contender could provoke the production of both the protective antibodies and “Killer T-cells” in the body. This fresh development has reiterated the expectations from the vaccine could perhaps provide immunity to battle against the virus, particularly as fresh studies have asserted that the protective antibodies in the coronavirus sufferers diminished within 3 months which makes it super tough to develop a vaccine which offers long-term immunity.

Furthermore, the exceptionally encouraging breakthrough and positive growth in the immune system reaction developed by the Oxford vaccine, there is one another piece of great news on the availability of the capable vaccine. According to a report released in PTI, David Carpenter, chairman, Berkshire Research Ethics Committee stated that “that vaccine could be fairly widely available around September and that is the sort of target they are working on.”

On the contrary, “Killer T-cells” are stated to live for much longer in the human body as they identify and kill a virus-infected cell in the body, thus avoiding the infection from increasing. Therefore, the positive development, according to the media reports, states the fact that the oxford vaccine contender may be competent to provide a ‘double-protection’ as it develops both “T-cells‘ and “protective antibodies.”

In accordance with a source in the trial that gave out the information vi ‘The Daily Telegraph’, the end results of the Oxford vaccine contender are very promising. “I can tell you that we now know the Oxford vaccine covers both bases – it produces both a T cell and an antibody response. It’s the combination of these two that will hopefully keep people safe. So far, so good. It’s an important moment. But we still have a long way to go,” told the source. 

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