Number of Coronavirus Quarantined Increases in New York – Public Schools Shut

Two schools are shut as Bronx Schools find a student found positive for the virus.

More restrictions are declared as the city is literally stopped.

New York City would be introduced with ‘more restrictions’ soon as it has a speedy spread. Mayor Bill de Blasio said to CNN in an interview on Thursday morning.

We have only one goal in mind, “balancing the need to keep as much normalcy in society as possible while reducing the gatherings that are causing concern.”

As of 12th morning, New York City has 62 confirmed cases, nine more than yesterday.

Mr. de Blasio said he hoped to introduce standards that would lessen groups of people at gatherings and attendees at events. He particularly named Broadway, where producers and stage owners have considered trying to stay open.

“I don’t want to see Broadway go dark if we can avoid it,” the mayor said. “I want to see if we can strike some kind of balance.”

Mr. de Blasio stated he did not prepare to close down the subway or shut all of the city’s public schools, but he did not talk about more details on his policies, saying only that he planned to take steps on Thursday or Friday.

This is the first time where NYC is closing down the schools

Mayor declared the city’s first public school closings related to the virus on Thursday morning: the two schools are sharing the same building here.

The South Bronx Preparatory: A College Board School and The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology are both 6th to 12th-grade schools located at 360 East 145th Street in the Bronx. The schools admit around 1,300 students in total.

One of the students in the schools has a ‘self-confirmed’ case of coronavirus as the mayor mentioned in the statement.

Further actions are yet to be declared from the Mayor’s office.

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