Nokia Strengthens its Audio Technology by Partnering with OnePlus

Nokia Corporation (NOK) lately declared that they have sealed a deal with OnePlus- well known Chinese smartphone manufacturer to include OZO Audio technology in OnePlus 8 Pro – the former’s proprietary. Besides including media technology innovations of the future generation, the recent association is expected to boost the position in the global technology licensing market of the Finnish company. Nonetheless, the financial agreements of this deal are still not revealed. 

Noticeably, Nokia OZO includes an industry-leading portfolio of products that are skillfully arranged to secure and augment audio with clarity and precision. Explicitly created to connect the necessities of the new generation consumers, intelligent interfaces, top-grade sensory technologies with innovative sound technology and data intelligence that strengthens device and content co-operation through deeply engaging visual and audio solutions. With user-generated content to gaming use cases, this distinctive software is powered with clever audio technology that supports incomparable clarity to appreciate user listening experience. 

The ideal framework of OnePlus leverages essentially three basic features of this contemporary audio technology – Audio Windscreen, Audio Zoom, and Audio 3D. The Audio Windscreen attribute supports advanced sophisticated wind detection algorithms and allows users to encapsulate crystal-clear audio quality by disqualifying wind distortion even in loud surroundings. The Audio Zoom attribute is mainly associated with the visual zoom of the smartphone’s camera, it also allows end-users to recognize and magnify the sound equivalent to the zoomed video. The Audio 3D attribute allows end-users to capture spatial sound experiences with absolute direction, depth, and detail. 

Nokia’s full-length portfolio comprises products and services considering each and every fragment of the system that helps operators to empower essential 5G abilities like distributed cloud, network slicing, and industrial IoT.  This makes it easy for consumers to shift from an economy-of-scale system functioning pattern to the demand-driven activities with effortless automation and programmability. The brand is observing healthy fundamental impetus in its target zones of enterprise and software, which rightly predicts for its licensing business. 

Nokia is particularly developing its business into immense growth, high-limit and targeted vertical markets to approach various possibilities outside its primary markets. The brand had previously declared its plans to speed up strategy implementation, enhance customer focus and curtail long-term value. This plan should assist the brand to position itself as an international leader in the delivery of full-length 5G solutions. Nonetheless, Nokia’s performance is affected by macroeconomic dynamics. High- level competition from opponents like Huawei and Ericsson ERIC has majorly impacted Nokia’s Mobile Access business. 

Considering the past year, the shares of Nokia have sunk by 40.7% in comparison with the industry’s plunge of 9%. The Zacks Rank #3 stock exceeded income assessed by 2 times in the trailing four quarters but overlooked the same in the enduring quarters. On average, it has 87.5% trailing four-quarter constructive income. 

In the extensive industry, several better- rated stocks are InterDigital, Inc. IDCC and Opera Limited OPRA. While InterDigital positions as a Buy at Zack Rank #2,  the Opera positions as a Strong Buy at Zacks Rank #1. A conclusive record of today’s Zacks #1 Rank stocks are available here. 

Considering the last four quarters, the Zacks Consensus Estimate was outperformed twice by Opera’s bottom line. The company enjoys a surprise of 192.9% trailing four-quarter constructive income on average.

In the last four quarters, additionally, the Zacks Consensus Estimate was outperformed thrice by InterDigital’s bottom line. The company enjoys a surprise of 62% trailing four-quarter constructive income on average.

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