New Zealand postpones election procedures as it engulfs back into the lockdown caused by coronavirus

On Wednesday, Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister deferred a prime step toward the forthcoming month’s general election, as the country dove back into lockdown upon finding the first COVID19 case in more than three months.

Upon discovering the first COVID19 case in New Zealand in more than three months, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern postponed a vital step considering the forthcoming month’s general election. 

Ardern stated that she was suspending the disintegration of parliament, which was due to prepare for an election that was supposed to happen on Sept. 19, as of Monday. No decision had yet been taken on postponing the actual poll, she further added.

“It’s too early to make decisions but there is a bit of flexibility to move the election date if required,” Ardern informed in a televised media conference, including any date previously to Nov 21 can be selected for the election.

New Zealand health authorities are promptly tracing the origin of four new cases of COVID-19, all within one family in Auckland.

The group, the first cases noted in the country for 102 days, guided by Ardern to announce the reinstatement of lockdown steps late on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Auckland transferred to level 3 limitations at midday (2400 GMT), demanding people to stay at home unless for necessary trips. The rest of the country was experiencing lightly looser level 2 limitations. These restrictions will basically stay in place until Friday.

“Stay kind, looking after one another,” Ardern told, adding that the search for the origin of the infection was in progress. The family had not traveled abroad.

“We know that although we are primarily looking for a human to human transmission we do need to check whether or not it had something to do with freight,” she added.

Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield even stated that the diseased family was in rigorous isolation at home, yet one woman had traveled to tourist attractions in Rotorua whereas she was symptomatic.

Health authorities were promptly tracing her activities and were all set to test tens of thousands of people in the forthcoming days, Bloomfield stated.

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