New Mercedes-Benz CLE about to replace C- and E-Class Coupé?

The global recession accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic has compelled cutbacks and an overall fastening of belts throughout the automotive industry. That fate has also befallen Mercedes-Benz and, having multiplied its coupé and convertible lineup over the past several years, those models will apparently even be the first to go.

An Italian automotive portal Autoblog has informed that Mercedes will substitute the C- and E-Class Coupé and Cabriolet models with a single model inclined to be called the CLE. This will stamp the comeback of a mid-sized coupé in the scope – a place once secured by the CLK before the brand expanded its portfolio.

Considering this, it’s still not clear what form element the CLE will take. The article claimed that the car would have the same body shape as that of the CLA and CLS, which are both four-door coupés. Although this would leave Mercedes lacking an entry-level two-door hardtop, this step would be beneficial considering that the other three models would share equivalent three-letter monikers.

Despite that, the report also mentioned that the CLE will get a shooting brake and cabriolet variants – the latter body style is unavailable on neither the CLA nor the CLS. It would be completely surreal for Mercedes to provide a single “coupé” model in too many variations.

Anyhow, the CLE will be founded on the Modular Rear Architecture (MRA), exactly like the C- and E-Class Coupés. Anticipate the usual scope of four- and six-cylinder engines, comprising the latest OM654M 2.0-litre turbo diesel that very recently premiered on the facelifted E-Class Coupé. This exhibits a longer stroke, twin variable-geometry turbochargers and a 48-volt EQ Boost mild hybrid system.

Furthermore, expect an AMG CLE 63 which, if latest reports are to be true, will arrive with a hybrid version of the A 45‘s 2.0 litre M139 four-pot to substitute the whooping 4.0 litre M177 twin-turbo V8.


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