Microblogging site Twitter flags US President Donald Trump’s tweets as ‘potentially misleading’

On 26th May, Social media giant Twitter labeled two tweets from US President Donald Trump making untrue declarations regarding mail-in voting as “potentially misleading.” This step is relevant as Twitter did fact-check, President Trump, for the first time.

For the first time ever, Twitter fact-checked US President Donald Trump’s tweets and marked them as “potentially misleading.” Twitter levied the label on two of the tweets of President Trump. On the morning of 26th May, Trump posted these tweets wrongly alleging that “mail-in ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent” and would lead to “a rigged election.” These tweets released by President Trump primarily concentrated on California’s efforts to extend mail-in voting owing to the outburst of the virus in the US. 

On 24th May, the California Governor Gavin Newsom was accused by Republican National Committee over the state’s steps to amplify mail-in voting.

In accordance with a Twitter spokesman, the tweets “contain potentially misleading information about voting processes and have been labeled to provide additional context around mail-in ballots.” 

On top of the fact-check page, Twitter jotted “Trump falsely claimed that mail-in ballots would lead to ‘a Rigged Election.’ However, fact-checkers say there is no evidence that mail-in ballots are linked to voter fraud.”

A Twitter spokesman protected this step by saying that it was taken in correspondence with a brand new policy approved by the social media giant several days ago in order to restrict “the spread of potentially harmful and misleading content” concerning the global pandemic. 

In response to Twitter’s decision, Brad Parscale, Trump campaign manager, mentioned, “Partnering with the biased fake news media ‘fact-checkers’ is only a smokescreen Twitter is using to try to lend their obvious political tactics some false credibility.”

On the evening of 26th May, Trump got back at Twitter, stating that this microblogging site is “now interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election” and that the company is “completely stifling FREE SPEECH” in a sequence of tweets.

 President Trump has been particularly attacking Democratic-controlled states like California over the past several days over their measures to amplify mail-in voting during the ongoing pandemic situation. 

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