MagSafe Charger Could Leave Impression on iPhone 12 Cases, Apple confirms

Apple’s MagSafe wireless charging feature launched alongside iPhone 12 series earlier this month is predicted to possess far-reaching benefits that the likes of Moto Mods couldn’t deliver. MagSafe is touted to be a game-changer for accessory makers, and a vibrant array of magnetic cases, wallets, and chargers are already within the market. Apple has naturally created a replacement support page to tell users about the way to best use their new gadgets and its cool magnetic charger. And among its few caveats is that the charger can leave a circular impression on some iPhone 12 cases and accessories.


The fact that the charger can leave its impression on iPhone 12 accessories gets a fine print mention on the Apple support page. it’s especially irksome because Apple had glorified MagSafe’s capability of charging the phones with their covers on. And although the support page says that the potential issue is mere with leather cases, a user had also shared an image on MacRumors claiming that the MagSafe charger had left its circular impressions on a silicon case only at some point of use. It’s just been three days since the iPhone 12 was made available.


Apple has also warned users against placing things like credit cards, security badges, passport, etc., between their phones and therefore the MagSafe charger. It says this might damage the magnetic strips and RFID chips on the cards. The page also says that the new snap-on chargers might get warm which the software might limit charging to 80 per cent just in case of overheating.


In another particularly damaging news for the iPhone 12 series launched on October 14, a report published by TechSina cites a blogger to say that some iPhone 12 units on display at a store in China had their paints peeled off. The report featured pictures by the blogger to support the claim. Although, the launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro had a rush of individuals at stores in China on Friday, October 23, and therefore the report speculated frequent touches to be the rationale for the phone’s terrible condition.

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