Intel Capital to invest ₹1,894 crores in Jio Platforms

Intel Capital associates itself to the list of marquee businesses who have lately invested in Jio Platforms, accounting for the aggregate investment amount to ₹ 117,588.45 crore. 

Intel Capital’s investment will convert into a 0.39% share in Jio Platforms on a total diluted basis. 


Reliance Industries Limited and Jio Platforms Limited recently announced that Intel Capital will invest ₹ 1,894.50 crore in Jio Platforms at a shareholder value of ₹ 4.91 lakh crore and an enterprise value of ₹ 5.16 lakh crore. Intel Capital’s investment will convert into a 0.39% share in Jio Platforms on a completely diluted basis.


This agreement with Intel Capital — the 12th suchlike investment in the past 11 weeks sums up the overall stake that RIL sold in Jio Platforms to 25.09 percent.


Intel Capital associates itself in the list of marquee enterprises who have very recently invested in Jio Platforms, captivating the overall investment amount to ₹ 117,588.45 crore. Jio Platforms, a completely-owned ancillary of Reliance Industries, has beyond 388 million subscribers. Jio Platforms has made notable investments throughout its digital network, backed by foremost technologies covering big data analytics, augmented and mixed reality, broadband connectivity, cloud and edge computing, blockchain, smart devices, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. 


Intel Capital invests throughout the world in groundbreaking enterprises that focus on disruptive technology sectors like 5G, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence as opportunities where Jio is also breaking new grounds and investing for growth. Intel Capital is the investment section of the Intel Corporation, a vital player in the semiconductor sector, forming the data-centric future with computing and communications technology that is the basis of universal innovations. Intel has functioned in India for over two decades now and employs thousands of citizens there with state-of-the-art design provisions in Bengaluru and Hyderabad.


Mukesh Ambani, CMD of Reliance Industries stated: “We are extremely delighted to deepen our ties with technology leaders that embody our vision of transforming India into a leading Digital Society in the world. Intel is a true industry leader, working towards creating world-changing technology and innovations. Intel Capital has an outstanding record of being a valuable partner for leading technology companies globally. We are therefore excited to work together with Intel to advance India’s capabilities in cutting-edge technologies that will empower all sectors of our economy and improve the quality of life of 1.3 billion Indians.” 


And he further added, “Jio Platforms’ focus on applying its impressive engineering capabilities to bring the power of low-cost digital services to India aligns with Intel’s purpose of delivering breakthrough technology that enriches lives. We believe digital access and data can transform business and society for the better. Through this investment, we are excited to help fuel digital transformation in India, where Intel maintains an important presence.”

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