Huawei Responsible for Shipping US-Based Technology to Iran

Internal documents from the Technology company suggest that it played a whole role in bringing American equipment to Iran, which directly violates the US sanctions on Iran.

Reuters reported that the Chinese Technology Giant directly shipped the items from California-based company Hewlett-Packard to Iran’s biggest phone carrier according to December 2010 Huawei Packing Lists.

“Currently the equipment is delivered to Tehran, and waiting for the custom clearance,” a document from two months later states.

In reference to the last year’s criminal case against Huawei from the US Government, these new documents may create new developments. The Government charged the company with major crimes like money laundering, conspiracy, bank, and wire fraud, mocking US sanctions on Iran and creating a barrier for justice. Well, Huawei has declined the charges.

Huawei is also seen providing equipment from Microsoft to Iran. 

“Due to ongoing legal proceedings, it is not appropriate for Huawei to comment at this time,” mentioned by a Huawei spokesman when asked about the new documents. “Huawei is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries and regions where we operate, including all export control and sanction laws and regulations of the UN, U.S., and EU.”

Authorities on both the sides of the scene are issued with the warnings for months about various threats the technology firm is posing to American property and have requested other countries not to go for the Chinese company.

U.S. Lawmakers have warned at the start of February that Huawei has been using a backdoor method for more than a decade to enter the US cellular networks and sharing personal information without the knowledge of the technology.

The Federal Communications Commission blocked Huawei in November 2019 from getting access to billions of dollars in federal broadband subsidies considering that it could use it inroads into US broadband infra to spy and steam the private data of American citizens, as well as to spread viruses and malware into US networks.

Chinese Communist Part protects the Huawei, with whom, Trump Government have had trade battles and disputes over China’s theft of American intellectual property for the past few years.

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