Huawei Mate X Is it still a stunning device in the mobile world?

As people with disposable incomes deal with the first-world dilemma of comparing the stylish product with the practical product, it becomes our daily habit of getting confused between the things. This can vary in different segments of our needs like fashion, vehicles, or even the gadgets.

We are pointing towards the Huawei Mate X Vs. Samsung Galaxy Fold war. Huawei’s foldable phone is sexier than the other one. The screen is larger, the notch is not present, and it has less of a visible border at the point where it folds. Overall, the device is thinner than the other one, but Samsung’s Fold is more practical as it provides protection to the screen when not folded, whereas, Huawei’s is always exposed.

A user tested this device for almost four months and found she didn’t need to baby the device when it was closed. As she knew the screen would still be protected, she could throw it along with the coins and keys; you cannot do this with the Mate X! You have to use it with care and you cannot throw it so easily anywhere.

Samsung Fold can also survive one or two casual drops with no major loss, whereas you cannot be sure with Mate X could survive one drop to concrete.

But some things come with a price to pay when you choose more style rather than practical. Human nature is to be superficial so it may happen. Women will still wear heels even if their feet hurt badly, just because they are so stylish.

The biggest concern with the Mate X could be the screen can be exposed at all times. Whenever you place the phone on a surface, make it sure that its plain and smooth.

Then comes the price with a tag of $2400 which isn’t cheap! But you can have the most cutting edge and futuristic device in your pocket. For another month, Huawei could launch the newer version of this thing with a newer processor.

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