Hotelogix, AxisRooms, and RepUp to Combine in a Technology Merger

Alliance in the hotel technology space as distribution company AxisRooms, property management system specialist, Hotelogix, and guest experience specialist RepUp combine for a three-way merger.

An official statement from Hotelogix says that the merger will allow it to have the “scale, breadth and capabilities to compete more effectively and profitably” on a global scale.

It goes without saying that the merger will solve the problem for hotels of having to merge with different vendors and integrate tech to help different parts of the guest experience.

Hotelogix says that the merger will provide a solution “not only delivers much better value but also a completely seamless experience to all hotels.”

Offerings from the merged entity include a channel manager, a cloud-based PMS, revenue management, booking engine, contactless tools for guests, and reputation management.

The merged companies will allow hotels to choose different elements of the service or a complete solution as per RepUp.

Vineet Chauhan, co-founder, RepUp, says: “This merger will open new markets for us. We are looking forward to exploring and connecting with a global audience.”

Anil Kumar Prasanna, CEO at AxisRooms, added: “The future of hotel technology needs to be open and accessible to every hotel partner or technology provider. If hotels want the full range of services or just a part of the stack, we want the technology to integrate as seamlessly as possible and be available to all partners with this merger.”

A holding company of the three will be based in Singapore, while the management of the merged companies will be under Hotelogix boss Aditya Singh and co-founder Prabhas Bhatnagar, AxisRooms founders Ravi Taneja and Prasanna, along with RepUp co-founder Pranjal Prashar.

Investors of the three companies, including Accel Partners, Saama Capital, Vertex Ventures, and SeedFund, supported the transaction. 

In March 2018, Hotelogix received funding of $5 million, saying it planned to focus on group hotels, RepUp secured undisclosed funding in January 2019.

RepUp was also a part of the Singapore Tourism Board accelerator program, announced last year.

Axisrooms received undisclosed seed funding back in 2013.

The merger is a stimulating move at a time when hotels are going to be reluctant to take a position in new technology. Combining their services could make the three companies a more attractive proposition.

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