Here’s a Little About Ash Wednesday 2020. Why People Celebrate Ash Wednesday? 

Ash Wednesday is followed on the first day of the Lenten Season. A period of 40 days dedicated to spiritual purification and penance. Ash Wednesday is a day of fasting for many denominations of Churches. This day gets its name from the process of distributing the ashes to the foreheads of Christians. These ashes are usually created from the palms used in the previous year’s Palm Sunday. They are blessed before the service.

The ashes help Christians recall human mortality which also shows the person’s desire for penance and mourning of their own sins. As the minister or priest puts the ash on the body they recite “Remember that thou art dust, and to dust thou shalt return” (Genesis 3:19) or “Repent, and believe the Gospel” (Mark 1:15).

Christians are emboldened to carry the ashes, which can be scattered on either their hand or forehead until the ashes wear off as a public expression of their faith

When is Ash Wednesday?

This year, the Ash Wednesday was on 26th February. It is always the day after Shrove Tuesday also known as Fat Tuesday.

Is there fast?

As per the Catholic tradition, devotees in 18 and 59 in normal fitness can decide to have just one full meal on that day or two smaller meals. Fasting as described in the Bible is to be done discreetly, so as not to draw gestures to the person fasting. Fasting is not about showing to other people, instead, it is a very personal effort and is to be between God and the person who’s fasting only.

Do you need to be Catholic?

That’s not necessary. Many churches organize their own Ash Wednesday ritual, which includes the imposition of the ashes, including Methodist, Episcopalian and Lutheran churches. Usually, this is found in high churches, or more conventional churches (the kinds with fragrance and a strictly followed ritual), as opposed to the more modern churches.

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