Global giants like Microsoft, Nike and Unilever, etc team up to combat global carbon emissions

The group is known as “Transform to Net Zero” involves Wipro too. Likewise, Inc. has also taken a pledge to become carbon-neutral and even enlisted several other companies to join in. 


Global giants like Microsoft Corp., Nike Inc., Starbucks Corp., Unilever NV, Danone SA along with several other companies are coming together in a new union which is dedicated to sharing resources and strategies for reducing carbon emissions and uniting efforts of some of the well-known global companies that have vowed to take the necessary action steps to fight climate change.

The group known as “Transform to Net Zero” even involves auto manufacturer Mercedes-Benz AG; Natura & Co., the Brazilian cosmetics firm that owns Avon; Indian information-tech firm Wipro Ltd; Danish shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S amongst others. 

The coalition, which intends to enlist other companies too, will be operating with the nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund and will share valuable data on reducing emissions, investing in carbon-reduction technology, and harmonizing on public policy objectives.

In January, Microsoft had announced that it plans to be carbon negative by withdrawing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere compared to its emissions by 2030, and the Microsoft even declared that they have assigned $1 billion to a climate-innovation fund to invest in means to lower and gradually diminish carbon emissions which is one of the most aggressive corporate proposition.

By 2050, Microsoft even intends to diminish the equivalent of all of its emissions since Microsoft’s origination in 1975. Inc. too has vowed a carbon-neutral pledge and also enlisted several other companies to unite. Both these technology giants have come under attack from climate activists for persistently providing cloud-computing services to major oil and gas producers. 

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