GitHub Removes Popular YouTube Download Tool After infringement of copyright Notice

GitHub, a Microsoft-owned code hosting platform particularly employed by developers, has taken down the ASCII text file of a well-liked YouTube video download tool citing an invitation from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Several YouTubers who were using YouTube-DL code extensively to download or archive their own videos have expressed their disapproval of the takedown and questioned its legality. The text of the RIAA request that now covers the code page of YouTube-DL on GitHub, says that the tool is “clearly meant to bypass the technological protection measures employed by authorised streaming services like YouTube”.

The DMCA takedown request put abreast of the web site also says that the tool is supposed to “reproduce and distribute” music videos and sound recordings owned by RIAA member companies without their authorization. The RIAA particularly acknowledged three music videos as examples that, consistent with the association, were being copied and distributed without the authorization of the record labels. Icona Pop song i really like It (featuring Charli XCX), owned by Warner Music Group and under YouTube Standard license which prohibits its reproduction beyond streaming on the platform, was being distributed, the notice said.

It also said that visual impairment (Explicit) by Justin Timberlake, owned by Sony Music Group and under a further age protection identifier, was being distributed then was an M4A audio file of Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off.

The possible misuse of such a tool for piracy is tough to refute, but people using the tool for other purposes like downloading or archiving acknowledged that any Internet browser might be wont to open YouTube and download videos through developer tools and will be subjected to an equivalent scrutiny. GitHub has not issued yet any statement on the matter.

GitHub had launched its operations in India earlier this year. The California-based company had said that it plans to create an India team across all its functions including community, engineering, sales, support, marketing, and services.

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