Finest technologies you need for working remotely

In the middle of this global pandemic, optimizing your home office for full productivity is essential. 

Several employees around the world are now functioning remotely due to the ongoing global pandemic. For quite a few people, the shift has been seamless but others may have a tough time making the change. Mostly because these people weren’t technologically fit to turn their homes into workplaces. There are many advantages to working remotely, inclusive of enhanced productivity and a finer work-life balance. But before relishing rewards, it is essential to be having the right technology and resources for your home workplace. Below mentioned are some of the essential programs and tools that one should have at their service:

  • Hardware: Hardware is a fundamental starting point for your workplace which includes smartphones, working desktop, and dependable connectivity. Based on your work, a scanner, landline, or other devices may be needed. These tools are a good investment that will benefit you in the future. 
  • Microsoft Office 365: You likely use many elements of Office, like Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint too. These are practically necessary for almost all jobs. Other attributes of Microsoft Teams that can be especially useful to efficiently interact with co-workers via live-editing, chats, messages, and more.
  • Project Management Tools: Project management tools are particularly crucial to maintain track of projects remotely. For instance, Trello enables you to allocate fix due dates, team members to tasks, and more. The pictorial layout uses a system of cards that you can shift to various columns and observe the overall development of the project. Also, there are other project-management platforms like Asana, Wrike, Monday, Basecamp amongst others.
  • Cloud Computing: Cloud computing forums basically recreate the work environment in providing storage, security, virtual setting, support, application management, data analysis, and much more. Top providers for cloud computing platforms are Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, Google Cloud. 
  • Video Conferencing and chat platforms: While experiencing stay-at-home orders, being in touch with colleagues is easier and essential for an optimal partnership. Using platforms like Webex and Zoom, you can continue to have face-to-face conversations with teammates regularly. For less formal communications; try tools like Rocket. Chat or Slack. These apps also let you exchange direct messages, share files, etc. 
  • Cybersecurity Tools: Cybersecurity tools are essential to protect information and to maintain privacy. One of the most important tools is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It shields your privacy by establishing a private network and masking IP addresses. Cybersecurity software is also substantial to protect devices from hackers and malware. 

Other than these, other software and hardware might be required based on the nature of the job. But, the ones mentioned here are the basics needed for most employees across industries. In case these programs and tools are not set up on your devices, verify with the employers. Employers might reimburse, pay for purchases on installation, or even if they don’t try to get these tools as they will be beneficial post lockdown is lifted. 

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