FBI looks out for ‘Chinese military spies’ all throughout the US as Pompeo demands for a global crusade against Beijing

The FBI has stated that Chinese researchers along with confidential military links are actively working in many of the US cities, just the same as the top US diplomat urged the ‘free world’ to join forces against Beijing and terminate the ‘Frankenstein monster’s tentacles.’

In a series of very recent interviews, the Federal Bureau of Investigation informs that it discovered a “concerted effort” by numerous Chinese citizens performing scientific research in the US to “hide their true affiliation” to the People’s Liberation Army, with an aim to “take advantage of the United States and the American people.” As per the Department of Justice, four of those researches have already been accused of visa fraud.

This allegation comes as Washington hikes up strained relations with the People’s Republic, deporting Chinese diplomatic employees from a consulate in Houston previously this week as US President Donald Trump alerted that extra facilities could be concluded.

Doubling-down on the anti-China oratory, Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State showed up at the Nixon Presidential Library in California on Thursday to present a borderline messianic tirade opposed to Beijing – which he termed as  “Communist China and the Free World’s Future.” Within the 40-minute address, Pompeo implored US allies to combine a global effort to “induce change” in the country’s conduct, further alerting  that Beijing is a menace to “our people and our prosperity.”

Whilst Pompeo informed that the administration had agreed on embracing a “tough” approach towards China, he even emphasized that all the other nations too should participate in the initiative to “empower the Chinese people,” halting just short of calling for outright regime alteration.

Pompeo informed that “Every nation will have to come to its own understanding of how to protect its national security, its economic prosperity, and its ideals from the tentacles of the Chinese Communist Party.” 

The secretary of state went ahead to criticize  Xi Jinping, Chinese President as a “true believer in a bankrupt totalitarian ideology” who is “destined to tyrannize,” claiming that “communists almost always lie.” Despite that, Washington will proceed to deal with Beijing, the “conversations are different these days,” Pompeo told and added that the administration’s MO is “distrust and verify” – placing a hawkish new twist on a Russian proverb popularly cited by Ronald Reagan in his contact with former Soviet Union.

As the US moves forward towards its November presidential election, Washington has liberated a range of allegations in Beijing in the last couple of months – right from accusing the country of causing the coronavirus pandemic to target claimed rights abuses in Hong Kong and other parts. China has constantly refused their wrongdoing and kept insisting the US is just diverting from its own internal issues. It has, however, avenged pieces of Washington’s hostile steps, including one that took place very recently that ordered a US consulate office in the city of Chengdu, closed in retort to a similar kind of shutdown just days before in Houston.

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