Did you miss the last “Super Flower Moon” of 2020?

May 7, marked the top of the “super flower moon,” but that was not the only chance. NASA had stated that “The moon will appear full for about three days around this time, from Tuesday evening through Friday morning.”

This year, we had been on a run of very large full moons called “supermoons” since February. The word “supermoon” refers to a new or a full moon that appears at or near perigee-syzygy, a mouthful which means the moon is at the nearest point to Earth along its orbit close to our planet. A supermoon emerges to be subtly bigger than a regular full moon. 

The “pink” moon of April was the largest moon of 2020 but May’s moon was just as magnificent. 

The most convenient time to witness this view was around sunset. People just had to step outside and look in the opposing direction of the sun to witness the moonrise. IFor the ones who could not make it to witness this sight, the supermoon view could still be seen by tuning in for the Virtual Telescope Project’s live feed online to see the moon rising over the skyline of Rome.

The May moon got its “flower” nickname as an ode to spring in Northern Hemisphere. NASA stated the moniker tracks back to the Maine Farmers Almanac in the 1930s. 

It is said that the following supermoon won’t come round until late April 2021. 

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