COVID vaccine of Oxford-AstraZeneca demonstrates dual immune action

COVID-19 vaccine that the University of Oxford is developing along with AstraZeneca Plc demonstrated promising outcomes in initial human trials and is ready to move forward into bigger trials that are possible to be decisive on how impactful the vaccine really is.  


The results weren’t really enough to persuade the market, despite that, AstraZeneca Plc dropped down from a historic high in New York trading on concerns if its vaccine can correspond to the progress seen in programs from Pfizer Inc. and BioNtech SE, along with Moderna Inc.

Bernstein analysts led by Ronny Gal stated: “In the competitive context they fail to impress.” 

This vaccine raised levels of protective neutralizing antibodies and even immune T-cells that target the virus, informed the study organizers. The results that were released on Monday in The Lancet medical journal, are a major landmark for one of the fastest-moving vaccine projects throughout the globe.

Pascal Soriot, AstraZeneca Chief Executive Officer told:  “Our hope is that we can actually start delivering a vaccine before the end of the year,” He further added: “We’re working as quickly as we can but of course there are things you cannot control.”

Considering the aggravating market concerns, the Lancet medical journal publication came in just an hour following Pfizer and BioNtech’s announcement of initial positive information concerning their Covid-19 vaccine tests conducted in Germany, which showed promising outcomes from their program earlier in the month.

AstraZeneca’s U.S.-traded shares dropped down to 4 percent at 2:07 p.m. in New York trading.

A positive result had been anticipated following reports that came in last week which elevated the stock as the vaccine is already in its advanced trials phase. Researchers intend to prioritize testing a two-dose regimen, then a single shot, thus discouraging the enthusiasm over the vaccine, which they had earlier informed to be delivered as early as September.

Similarly, several other vaccine projects, which even consist of shots being developed by China’s CanSino Biologics Inc., and an association of Pfizer and BioNTech SE too submitted positive trial updates on Monday. These outcomes have naturally amplified optimism concerning methods to counter a pandemic that’s taken the lives of over and above  600,000 people and even caused economic turmoil across the globe.

Moderna Inc., one more front-runner, published its results just last week from an early-stage test that displayed its vaccine increased levels of antibodies that help in fighting against the virus.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Richard Horton, Lancet Editor informed that “The market should be extremely gratified that we have several vaccine candidates that are making good progress.” 

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