COVID-19: Outbreak Japanese comedian Ken Shimura dies from pneumonia-like symptoms

At the age of 70, Japanese comedian Ken Shimura who was hospitalized after possible infection of coronavirus died according to the public broadcaster, NHK.

Japan’s one of the best-known comedians, Shimura started his career in the early ’70s, was hospitalized in Tokyo and died on 29th evening, NHK mentioned.

Shimura was hospitalized on 20th March after he was diagnosed with severe pneumonia, according to The Japan Times. After 3 days, he was tested positive for the virus. He was the first Japanese celebrity to reveal the diagnosis.

The Japan Times said that Shimura, now a very popular personality in Japan, got success after appearing in the band and comedy group Drifters. Together with an opening for the Beatles, they also became one of the most recognized figures in the Japanse comedy circle.

Most of us remember ‘Its 8’oclock, assemble everyone!’, it was his major turning point in 1969’s comedy show – Hachijidayo Zeninshugo! Known for his ‘Moustache Dance’ and the song ‘Higashimurayama Ondo’, referring to his hometown. His notable characters across Japan were “Baka Tonosama” (foolish lord) and “Henna Ojisan” (weirdo uncle), states The Hollywood Reporter.

Before his death, recently, Shimura was seen in Shimura Dobutsuen (Genius! Shminura Zoo), Tensai! and other ongoing TV shows. Some of his upcoming projects included film based on a book named The Name Above the Title and director Yoji Yamada’s God of Cinema were scheduled to go in production this April.

68 new cases have been reported from Tokyo which is a daily increase in the record. Public broadcaster NHK stated on Sunday, as Tokyo struggles to prevent the outbreak, a group of infections increased near the Japanese Capital.

A home for the disabled in Chiba prefecture was sealed due to new 28 coronavirus cases, it’s adjacent to Tokyo, NHK said.

In Japan, the outbreak has infected more than 1800 people so far with 55 deaths as of Sunday afternoon, the number excludes 712 cases and 10 deaths from a ship that was quarantined near Tokyo last month.

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