Coronavirus and Big Data – Is there any connection?

Julie and Neel Shah are working at Harvard and with a futuristic approach in their work, they both have shared some interesting facts about how coronavirus could be fought with the help of Big Data

As the news churn is increasing, policymakers and authorities have a major confusion in choosing between lives and livelihoods. A general observation and examples from across the world suggest that maintaining social distance, staying in homes and other efforts are truly helping in reducing the impact of the pandemic. Although they have made to make us all come back on track as soon as possible, a detailed study is going on how big data can be used to fight back Coronavirus.

How can we do it? The answer lies in the data. We need to follow computation as much as possible.

Here’s a basic example from South Korea. The country is producing as much as 100,000 testing kits every day, and it has conducted more than 300,000 tests on people until now.

Another part of the story comes when we are facing the issues and challenges in contact tracing. Universities like MIT are developing a smart and privacy-preserving contact tracing system to find the people who may have come in the contacts of COVID-19 patients.

The data will help us assess the risk more dynamically, precisely and allow us to release the lockdown in various areas. Air traffic controllers would use the data to calculate the weather patterns and opening up the spaces gradually.

Governments can decide on targeted isolation strategies which would allow many schools and businesses to pen which is necessary to avoid social and financial losses. Logistic companies like FedEx are using human-artificial intelligence to plan their supply chain.

In unpredictable pandemic situations, we all are getting situated with the changing lifestyle. To adjust to the lifestyles, authorities, and specialists need to obtain a systematic approach to redesigning the way our essential services are being distributed to people. We have the data and we have the people, with the computational force we have, we can design our battle strategy against the Novel Coronavirus.

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