‘Coordinated social engineering attack’: Twitter reaffirms workers with access to internal systems focusing on bitcoin scam hack

Twitter has stated that bitcoin scammers have targeted a few of its staff members to get access to “internal systems and tools,” which they then seemingly used to hack into high-profile accounts, similar to Joe Biden’s.


Remarking that it is still examining the conditions behind the hack, Twitter stated that it has taken “significant steps to limit access to internal systems and tools” which were jeopardized by the perpetrators. The business has made extensive efforts to prevent the attack, thrusting a mass closure not only on the impacted accounts, but on the mass of blue checks as a cautionary measure in addition.


The strategy, even though effective, resulted in a substantial interruption on the platform, so many A-listers and media bodies had to stay mute or recourse to back-up choices for multiple hours. Twitter acknowledged that the tactic might have resulted in some discomfort, but stated that a bold step was required to relieve the influence of the violation.


As a result of the assault, stacks of high-profile accounts comprising of those of circumstantial Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, former US President Barack Obama, Tesla, and Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO along with and possible presidential Kanye West – tweeted asking followers to send them a specific amount in bitcoin, promising to give back twice as much on the pretense of “giving back to the community.”


Even though the tweets were quickly deleted from the site, the scammers had allegedly already accumulated more than $100,000 by the time the plan was exposed.


Twitter informed that it is still finding out about “other malicious activity” the hackers may have performed, involving obtaining access to several other data other than personal data.

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