Capco and Stevens Institute of Technology declare an Exclusive partnership with a view to Advance Digital Transformation in Financial Services

For large banks – digital transformation and technology are crucial differentiators. Capco and Stevens will associate to discover innovative technology solutions to help the industry better serve customer needs. 

Capco, a worldwide management and technology consultancy, and Stevens Institute of Technology, a leading technology research university in Hoboken, N.J., today declared a three-year association to encourage leading-edge research and education to assist the fast-changing technological demands of the financial services industry. 

Under the partnership, Capco will assist to develop a certificate program in financial analytics, help the Institue via academic scholarships, gain from enhanced student recruitment chances to come, conduct unique industry research and have premier admission to Stevens’ Hanlon Financial Systems Center (Hanlon Labs). The Hanlon Labs house has some of the most advanced data visualization and finance technology in the globe – capabilities that are becoming critical for investors, regulators, and banks who need to make finer and faster decisions in a ‘big data’ world.

Stevens’ knowledge and analysis of high-performance computing and security, quantum technologies, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing will be used by Capco to help revamp the digital profile of their customers. Additionally, technological efficiency and combined research, and both Capco and Stevens will boost the ability to devise innovative solutions for clients’ complicated issues. 

A project, called Stevens High-Frequency Trading (SHIFT), is a progressed market simulation platform that duplicates the high-frequency, real-time behavior of a modern automated exchange. This platform will be beneficial for Capco clients to investigate for algorithmic trading strategies and other software programs proposed to facilitate productive responses to potentially disruptive events, interface straight to the market, and to recognize the potential regulatory measures to control or oversee patterns of market movement. The SHIFT program is in its fourth year and is financed by grants from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group Foundation.

Capco’s CEO, Lance Levy stated: “Capco’s partnership with Stevens, one of the world’s premier technology research institutes, will enhance digital transformation across the financial services industry and help our clients leverage innovative technology to solve their global business issues. We’re excited by the opportunities this creates for Capco, for Stevens’ researchers and especially our clients who will benefit from advanced research in innovative technology solutions in today’s fast-paced technology landscape of the financial services industry.”

Also, Capco has been selected as the consulting company of record on Stevens’ National Science Foundation’s FinTech Committee and will work in association with financial institutions to set research initiatives in motion at Stevens and beyond the financial services industry. 

“Capco has meaningful relationships with some of the biggest players in the financial services industry,” stated George Calhoun, director of the Hanlon Financial Systems Center and the undergraduate Quantitative Finance program at Stevens. “Together with Capco, we want to develop research that will assess how new and emerging technologies will continue to change the way companies manage risk, optimize portfolios and execute trading strategies in automated high-frequency environments.”

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