Biden unifies Juneteenth celebration with Tulsa massacre in request to hit Trump

On Thursday, Joe Biden got his data misinterpreted again, seemingly confusing the day labeling the liberation of American slaves which is believed to be one of the worst-case massacres of African-Americans in the US record.


Focusing on this incident and referring to President Trump during a roundtable with community participants on measures to recommence the economy amidst global pandemic, the gaffe-prone veep stated, “He’s going down to Texas on Juneteenth, right? The first major massacre, literally speaking, of ‘Black Wall Street,’ right? Years ago” 


The Trump campaign bounced on this blunder, tweeting out a 10-second clip of the declaration Biden made at the event at the Empire Center, once home to Dick Clark’s famed “American Bandstand” TV show.


“Joe Biden doesn’t know what Juneteenth is. 1. President Trump is going to Texas today, not June 19. 2. Juneteenth is about emancipation. 3. The massacre was in Oklahoma,” the “Trump War Room” posted. 


Trump will restart keeping campaign rallies on June 19 in Tulsa, but it earlier was in Texas on Thursday for a sitdown with religious leaders and pay a visit to a Dallas megachurch where he united with Attorney General Bill Barr and HUD Secretary Ben Carson to discuss police reformations in the consequence of the George Floyd death.


Juneteenth is celebrated on June 19, marking the day when news that President Lincoln had agreed on the Emancipation Proclamation reached Texas, the final slave state to obtain the news.


Juneteenth is celebrated throughout the US, although Tulsa’s Fox affiliate stated that the city delayed this year’s formal celebration because of issues related to the pandemic, which has deceased nearly  113,000 Americans in just merely months.


The Black Wall Street Massacre also known as the Tulsa Race Massacre was one of the worst occurrences of racial brutality in American history.

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