Apple uncovers pathbreaking latest iPad technology

The Apple Pencil provides the supreme precision for creative iPad users, but the most recent piece of information from Apple uncovers how this tool could be used in a completely new way as it offers distinctive features that were never witnessed before.

In accordance with a patent captured by PatentlyApple, Apple has been operating on developing a version of the Apple Pencil that comprises an innovative color-sensing hardware. This would allow the users to copy a color from a real-world object and then quickly start drawing with that accurate color on the iPad or iPhone.

This technology would unlock a whole new world for opportunities for Apple devices, which will similarly interest both casual and professional users. The patent informs several other potential uses for the device, which even includes taking color measurements from printed items or even from colored objects like pieces of furniture, human skin, and plants.

In the photographic sphere, the capability to get such color proportions would be a blessing to those users who are actively involved in product photography where precise color reproduction is very difficult. For example, users can straight away compare the colors portrayed in online product photos with the original objects and make sure they match.

Apple’s patent even suggests various health-based applications where this advanced technology can be used. For instance, this can be used for taking measurements taken from colored medical test strips to evaluate glucose, protein, ketones, or pH levels. This could even support Apple in growing its health monitoring abilities into unfamiliar areas by supervising an array of important new metrics.

In concern with patents, there’s no assurance that this ideation will really make it to production but it’s a clear signal that, when it comes to tablets, Apple innovations are always set to stay ahead of the competition.

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