Animation Technology has played a major part in revolutionizing the education sector

The education sector also has been touched and reformed by the advancements of the technology industry. Edtech platforms are quickly fixing different notable gaps present in the traditional schooling system of India by optimally utilizing intelligent technologies along with creativity. As claimed by teachers, they are rightly addressing the most difficult task which is awakening student’s natural appetite for learning and scientific inquiry. 

By combining quirky and enchanting animation tools, online learning is helping students grasp and absorb knowledge more effortlessly.  It is also confirmed that the knowledge earned by the human brain in the audio-visual sphere is processed and retained more efficiently.  Hence, online education mediums have evolved in comparison to modifications in technology and innovation, leveraging experiential digital multimedia and animation elements to produce engaging real-time educational content which is finer at drawing the interest of students. 

The contemporary education system is redefining itself by introducing modern innovations like machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT). The progress of a dynamic and robust edutech industry has led to the birth of Online Learning Platforms. These platforms offer multiple visual and audio methods like motion graphics, images, texts, and sounds that are challenging the standards of rote-learning and traditional education. Digital animation’s role in elevating the education sector relies on the way in which the medium is designed, lined, and integrated. This speaks more precisely to the student’s cognitive processes by appealing straight to the senses of the learner. 

Certainly, a moving and informative method that involves various texts, images, and videos is more engaging and attractive to the learner’s eyes. Owing to the growing interest of students, this learning medium then turns into a personal choice. Continual motivation to learn ensures that students evolve into knowledgeable and realistic individuals. By applying creative modes of learning, not only do the teachers achieve higher transmission of learning but also this storytelling medium enhances the intellectual and creative capabilities of students. All in all, this innovative and solution-oriented medium of learning makes students use their creativity and understanding while enhancing the grasping ability and augmenting problem-solving capacity.

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