After Coronavirus, Hantavirus Takes a Life in China – What is it?

China reports a death due to a new virus named ‘Hantavirus’, which is another shocking news for the world after coronavirus which has claimed around 3,200 deaths in China. Hantavirus is mainly spread by rodents and can cause diverse disease syndromes.

While the coronavirus pandemic is going hot around the world, the Yunnan province in China has seen another death but not due to Coronavirus but a new virus named hantavirus which is being spread by rodents, the official media at Beijing rolled out this information.

The man died on his way back to the eastern Shandong province from Yunnan to work on a public bus on Monday, the Global times tweeted.

The tweet was something like this, “He was tested positive for #hantavirus. The other 32 people on the bus were tested,” there were no further details.

Mainly the rodents are seen spreading this family of viruses and can cause some serious disease syndromes in people around the world. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this information was published. CDC is a leading national public health institute of the United State.

In the Americas, this is known as “New World” hantavirus and may cause HMS i.e. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.

Each serotype of hantavirus has a different rodent host species and is spread into people through an aerosolized virus that is present in the faces, urine, and saliva and less usually by a bite from an infected rodent, according to the CDC.

The new hantavirus report came from China as the country is fighting with COVID-19 and has resulted in the death of 3,277 people in the country mostly in the Capital Wuhan of Hubei province.

While the death toll is increasing day by day around the world, currently, there are more than 22,000 recorded deaths with almost half a million recorded cases according to multiple reports. Coronavirus has now reached almost 175 countries and the first case emerged in December.

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