48 hours with Apple’s flagship smartphone- iPhone 12 hands-on

Ever since the iPhone 12 hit retail stores, I even have been bombarded with messages from friends and cousins asking me about my combat Apple’s new flagship. I got calls from friends who had been using iPhone 5s but are now looking to upgrade to a replacement iPhone. I might be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised by this.

My conversations with close ones revealed that they need a familiar-looking iPhone but expect it to possess a much bigger screen and better cameras and faster performance. I feel the iPhone 12 is closer to what consumers want in their next iPhone, like flat edges that immediately reminds them of the iPhone 4s/5s era, an improved screen, dual cameras that are better at taking low-light shots and fast performance.

My thoughts after the primary 48 hours with the iPhone 12 might be of help to those. Expect a full review later in the week.

The retail box

The slimmer box of the iPhone 12 itself indicates some changes inside, just like the missing headphones and charger. I feel Apple has done the proper thing by removing the charger and headphones from the merchandise box. I actually don’t care about the facility brick or Lightning EarPod headphones anymore. Since I exploit an equivalent charger that came with the iPad, I don’t think I might even bother removing the charging adapter from the iPhone’s packaging. Speaking of earbuds, I even have been using AirPods for quite a while and that I don’t feel the necessity for going back to wired Lightning EarPod.

iPhone 4-inspired design

The iPhone 12 features a new design, and therefore the look is inspired by the iPhone 4. for somebody who is hooked into vintage fashion and retro designs, the iPhone 12 brings back memories of the iPhone 4. The recurrence of retro styles in design is nothing new, but it becomes tons harder to make a replacement product that has the weather and aesthetics of an iconic device. What I actually like about the iPhone 12’s design is how Apple mixes old and new together.

While the return of the flat edge design brings back nostalgia, the iPhone 12 still considerably a modern-day smartphone. I might say, the iPhone 12 may be a refined version of the iPhone 11. The display occupies almost the whole front face, and there’s the notch at the highest. there’s no Touch ID or a home button; instead, you’ll find Face ID, which is Apple’s face-recognition system. the rear of the phone is formed of glass, a bit like the iPhone 11. My review unit is dark blue in colour, and it’s pretty exciting.

At 6.1-inches, it’s larger than the iPhone 6 screen size but isn’t a plus-sized phone. In fact, the iPhone 12 may be a perfect sized phone — not too small, not overlarge. I even have a sense that iPhone 5s/6 owners will take a while to urge won’t to the screen size and shape of the phone.

That OLED screen

The iPhone 12 uses an OLED display, which may be a nice upgrade over the iPhone 11’s LCD display. If you’re upgrading to the iPhone 12 from the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 with an LCD display, you’ll notice much of a difference. OLED screens showcase vibrant colours and offer better contrast and deeper black tones. you’ll start noticing the change when opening certain apps and reading news articles. But the display on the iPhone 12 has also something called Ceramic Shield that Apple says offers 4x better drop performance. I even have no plans to intentionally drop the review unit, but the hardened glass is meant to form the phone more durable within the end of the da

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