Editorial Team

Rutvij Joshi

Editor in Chief

Rutvij Joshi received his Master’s degree in Computer Applications from Pune University in 2018. With extensive experience in content creation, Rutvij is accountable for creative, engaging and error-free content for the news you love to read. With a tacit knowledge in the digital marketing and research arena, he is looking after writing copies, digital, SEO and social media content, drafting content strategies, translation, and proofreading, etc. He began as a core writer for the World Market Updates and currently holding the position of Editor in Chief.

Email: rutvij.evincera@gmail.com

Phone Number: +91 7410001368

A.J. Dehan.

Editorial Manager

A.J. gained his first degree in Computer Applications from one of the top Universities in the UK in 2011 followed by a Master’s Degree in Business Management. His research interests include technology, recent trends, AI and communication, etc. In addition to his duties as Editorial Manager A.J. is also a motivation for us to keep you updated with the accurate content in the News.

Email: ajit.evincera@gmail.com 

Phone Number: +1 408 757 0510

Bhavana More

Junior Editor

With a Post-Graduate Degree in Management, Bhavana is an experienced marketing executive at the World Market Updates. With a deep interest in research analysis and communication, she is looking after keeping the news section up-to-date with her expertise in the marketing strategies for the News platform. Her role as a Junior Editor makes her responsible for planning, reviewing and revising the content before publishing and keep our readers stay updated with the refreshing content all the time.

Email: bhavana.evincera@gmail.com

Phone Number: +91 7410001368